Lavanya Academy Performances

Lavanya Dance Company and LAIA students have performed at major venues such as Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, San Mateo Performing Arts Center, San Mateo, and Shiva Vishnu Temple, Livermore.  In 2022, they also performed in Ontario, Canada.

Coming up in Pleasanton, CA at Firehouse Arts Center – Sept 2:


Lavanya Academy Dance Company members have been studying Kathak for 10-20 years and now under the training of Artistic Director Labonee Mohanta:

Aditi Amlani, Neha Sivaprasad, Rohita Shah, Sujata Sontakke, Anindita Gooty, Suhani Jha, Archana Patkar, Chandrika Mathur, Saee Bage

"How We Did This Summer"

Dancers – Labonee Mohanta, Aditi Amlani, Akshatha Muralidhar, Archana Patkar, Chandrika Mathur, Nayana Tiwari, Neha Sivaprasad, Poonam Singh, Rohita Shah, Saee Bage, Suhani Jha

Aga Khan Museum Virtual Performance

Dancers – Labonee Mohanta, Akshatha Muralidhar, Archana Patkar, Chandrika Mathur, Neha Sivaprasad, Poonam Singh, Sujata Sontakke